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o b e e t a y b e e

what crazy looks like on a good day

never trust a big butt and a smile
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Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf. Teen Wolf.

has pretty much taken over my life.


Beverly is over the age of eighteen and probably way too old to fangirling this much.

So I write fanfiction and make fanmixes. And the fanfiction I write has themes and sexual situations I'd not want my mother or my daughter to read (at least until she's 18.) So if you're not 18, and I can't tell you not to, but heed the warnings. Warnings are your friend. Please don't be reading stuff (namely the PORN) I wouldn't want my kid to read.

I'm a mom, and you're making me feel guilty.

I'm not prone to drama and really have no interest in sockpuppets. Or flouncing. Or being an asshole. Sometimes I say stupid stuff, but that's just because I'm a dork, not because I mean any harm.

Friend at will, I'll most likely friend back. And everyday is defriending amnesty day around here.


I did things to the header to make it blue.

layout courtesy of thefulcrum

gay werewolves in, love with hyperactive boys, obsessing about my hair, that's incest and illegal