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FIC: Rain (Sam/Dean)

drabble - 100 words
100_ghosts prompt: sloth

A/N: This drabble seems to be a continuation of this one.


The rain shadows run in jagged lines down Sam’s body, beads and streams illuminated by the security lights outside. The bed dipped under his weight as Dean crawled in beside his brother.

Sam stirred.

“Shhh…” Dean whispered as skin slid against skin.

“Dean?” Sam’s voice was husky with sleep.

He cradled Sam’s face with his hand, his lips seeking and finding the softness and warmth he craved.

Sometimes, when the rain fell in sheets and thunder rumbled in the distance, Dean wished they could stay entwined forever.

But how could he beg for something his brother could never give?

Tags: drabble, obeetaybee, sam/dean

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