never trust a big butt and a smile (obeetaybee) wrote,
never trust a big butt and a smile

Hi, I should be writing porn.

I've got seven thousand words written on this Dean/always been a girl!Sam story I'm fiddling with and the last part is the hardest. You know the part that actually involves sex? Yeah, that part. I'm hoping to have it done and beta'd and up by the end of the week, but it's not looking good.

You know, words shouldn't be so hard. They should just flow from my fingers like water and everything should be shiny and the grammar and dialog should be perfect and the characters should stay in character with little or no interruption from me.

Speaking of words, I started a class yesterday. Basic math 101. (Killer segue, yes?)

I haven't talked about this here at all, but I'm hoping to gain entrance to my county's LPN program this fall. In order to achieve this, I need to take a test with 11th grade math on it and pass. It's been seventeen years since I've done any math harder than balancing my check book.

Damn, writing that made me feel old.

I'm nervous. I feel like a big dork because I'm in remedial math, but at the same time, I'm proud of myself for taking the first step to finally gaining a career I can be proud of. And I did my homework tonight, so I'm all prepared for tomorrow's class!

So anyway.

Off I go. I got porn to write.


ETA: What the fuck, universe? Three weeks ago, our refrigerator quit. We went away for the weekend, came back and everything was defrosted and nasty. Just five minutes ago, I heard our washer's gears start going slower and slower and then finally stop. I go into the basement and the fucker's dead.


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