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FIC(SPN): send the ghosts on their way

Title: send the ghosts on their way (drabble)
Author: obeetaybee Beverly
Rating/Characters: Gen, Dean
Disclaimer: Not mine. I just like to pull them out and play with them every once in awhile. Like Ken and well, Ken.
Word count: 100
Author's Note: Coda of a sorts to Episode 1x12, Faith

send the ghosts on their way

He’ll watch them filing from the church across the street, so cold the air is silver, arms wound tightly around red leather bibles. They’ll move towards their gold, tan and blue cars and just for a moment, he’ll envy them. He’ll imagine them baptized in cool, winter water, their open eyes seeing something in Heaven to believe.

He’ll imagine them groaning in graves as he wonders where their faith has led them. Don't they understand they’re dead?

He’ll salt them and light the match, dropping the flame on their bones and watch them burn while he lives someone else’s tomorrow.

Tags: drabble, obeetaybee, spn, supernatural:dean

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