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Supernatural - born under a bad sign

For some reason, it took me a freaking half hour to connect to my wireless internet connection.

Fucking technology.

Wasn't that trestle bridge in the opening scene the same one from "Devil's Trap"?

I had way more coherent thoughts about this episode, I don't know. A half hour ago when it first ended???

I'm rewatching it now, of course, because lord, did Jared Padelecki act the crap out of this episode. I think he was really having a good time playing with the whole being bad thing.

Now, maybe I'm in the minority here, but I kinda thought his whole scene with Jo was hot. Until you know, he bashed her head against the bar. Then, not so much.

I liked the way he was playing her emotions about Dean and you know what? I really felt bad for her, with her unrequited love deal. Dean's, well we know how Dean is. Can we really blame her for falling for him?

But you know what? I don't think I'd be turning Sammy down either if he came into my bar looking for me.

Of course, the best line of the night?

The last one.

"Dude, you full on had that girl inside you for over a week. It's kinda naughty."

And the coming attractions for next week?

The writers and marketing people for this show are such fangirls. I swear.

Oh! Hello all my new friends! I'm sure I'll do one of those intro posts at some point, but Supernatural takes priority, of course.

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