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Supernatural - Hunted

I liked Ava. I liked her with Sam. I hope the next time we see her, she's not evil.

Okay, fuck that. I LOVED Ava. (Neither here nor there, but...I totally love the name Ava.)

"Who ARE YOU?"

"I watched a lot of TJ Hooker."


When Gordon was talking to Dean about the second trip wire, I totally thought he was going to wire a boobie trap to Dean. Especially with the whole, "I promise it will be quick." Or something like that.

How fucked up would that have been?

Yay for Gordon getting arrested.

Also...creepy voice for next week's promo? So very cool. Going for a Shining episode, huh Kripke?

Also, I just husband when Sam got up to leave the Roadhouse..."Did he (Ash)just finish his (Sam's) beer?" Ha!

I'm sure I'll have more thoughts once I process it a bit more.


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