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FIC(SPN): sound of pulling heaven down (Dean/Sam)

title: sound of pulling heaven down
word count: 187
warnings: implied incest, m/m relationship, apocalypse drabble
rating: pg-13ish

Daybreak brought cleared throats and shy glances.

I want…

Don’t say it. Please, I can't hear you say it. Just shut up about it.

You kill me. Every fucking time you raise your eyes to mine, I’m drowning.


Two half-asleep bodies entwined on a bed, chapped lips moving against day-old stubble.

Never had kissing in the dark been this fascinating before.

Rough fingers drift like scattered sand along bare skin, seeking and finding the sound of pulling heaven down.

I’m just so fucking tired of wasting time.


This was mine. You are mine. Don’t you dare try and take this from me.

I…you. You’re the only good thing I have. Don’t you see? The only time I feel like I’m home is when I’m with you.




Hot breath on a neck, breathing rapid and moist. Trembling hands and arms hold tightly onto skin. Neither can speak. Eyes meet; lips seek and devour one final time. Head on a stomach, staring at the horizon, dark hair soft under moving fingers.

Tomorrow, tomorrow. The world is ending tomorrow. How can it matter anymore?

It doesn’t. Not anymore.


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