never trust a big butt and a smile (obeetaybee) wrote,
never trust a big butt and a smile

the things i do when i'm bored

I miss Harry Potter.

With all the hoop-la about the trailer for Order of the Phoenix and the guessing about when book seven will be released, I've been rereading some of my older HP fics hoping to jump start some plot bunnies.

Surprisingly, considering how new I was to the fandom, and the lack of a beta of 80% of them, I'm finding they're not half-bad.

Shocking, right?

So, since I'm rereading them, I thought maybe you'd like to, too.

good night, my love

After the final battle, Hermione is taken as a spoil of war.

a torment of mind, a tempest everlasting

Remus, first year. Two days before the full moon.

dreaming lily

On the evening Lily Potter discovers she’s pregnant for the third time she begins to dream in color.


He would come and she would let him and afterwards she would clean herself, tears silently falling against her filthy shift. Merope Gaunt POV.

bite to break the skin

Fenrir always extracts revenge against those who offend him.


So anyway, if you're an HP fan, I hope you enjoy.


Man, I'm really missing this fandom lately.

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