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Now I know why I usually finish one fic before starting another.

I've got THREE SPN fics in the works just since last night. I'm crazy, seriously.

This one will more than likely be a crack!fic, (yeah, right. My crack!fics usually turn serious and plotty and end up being quite dark) but how can I resist a story with a name like this:

"Ghouls Gone Wild"

It's a perfect name, right?

The next one I started was a AU pre-apocalypse fic called "The Sound of Pulling Heaven Down".

Hurty, with angst and the boys realizing there's never been anyone else for them but each other. This one has the most chance of turning Wincesty, but we'll see where it leads, I guess.

All right, so I lied. There's only the two. I think the third is going to end up being cut up and absorbed by the other two.

Gah. What is it about these boys I can't get out of my head? Everything feeds a plot bunny. I was wandering the aisles of Wal-Mart this morning getting puppy food for Milo and my brain starts with..."what if Dean and Sam found a puppy and Dean didn't want to keep it but Sam talked him into it and then Dean got all pissed because the puppy just did not want to be Metallicar-trained?"

Send help, please?

No, wait. On second thought, send Dean Winchester, okay?

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