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october musings

This month is becoming a flurry of activity, according the the large dry-erase calendar I have on my kitchen wall.

Not only do I have all my shows marked, this weekend is pumpkin picking, mum-buying and hayrides, next weekend is my sister's 31st birthday party on Friday night, and the Harvest Festival in town Saturday and Sunday.

The following weekend is Scott and my anniversary, (11 years marital bliss - woot!)and we're taking the kids up to Salem, Massachusetts for the weekend. Scott and I did this about four years ago and we had such a good time. That Saturday is family-fun day there, so I'm hoping the kids have a great time.

The weekend after THAT is the Halloween celebration at my parent's and in-law's campground, so the kids will be able to trick or treat before trick or treat day!

And then the following Tuesday is Halloween! Halloween parade in town, hot chili for dinner.

Before I know it, it'll be November!

In the midst of all this, my poor grandmother is having some apartment drama.

My grandmother is going to be 87 on October 22nd.

Two weeks ago, the apartment above hers flooded and the water leaked into hers. My parents brought her to their house for the weekend, and then my aunt took her the following week as the apartment complex was hiring professional cleaners.

A week later, the apartment still wasn't clean. Now, two people in my grandmother's high-rise apartment building have contracted Legionnaire's Disease. Not fun.

So my aunt and my mother have decided my grandmother isn't going back. She'll live six months with my aunt and then six months with my mother.

Did I mention my mother has two other sisters that live in New Jersey beside my aunt?

Yeah, they haven't even offered to help out. I hope my sisters aren't like this when my parents get old.

PS...if you missed it earlier, I posted a Sam drabble called caffeine, 100 words, spoilers for 2.01 In my time of dying. It's here if you'd like to read it.

Feedback, of course, is always appreciated.

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