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home again, home again.

Got my SPN/SH story back from beta.

Looks like Bevie's got a lot of work to do.

Nah, it's all good. She pointed out a bunch of stuff that was messed up/wrong/OOC etc, that I missed. I was just happy I actually finished a story with a plot and stuff I glossed over all the flaws. That's what a beta is for, right?

I think in my attempt to not make one of the characters a Mary Sue I might have tipped her into the spoiled brat/just plain unpleasant catagory.

So, undecipherable it may be awhile yet. But trust me, I think when it's done, it'll be worth it.


We all know about deanwinchester right?

Cause I'm having a really hard time not replying to every entry with "Can I hold you, Dean?" "Can I take all your pain away?"

And the age-old: "Dean? You're so HOT. No, seriously. You ARE. Can I lick you all over?"

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