never trust a big butt and a smile (obeetaybee) wrote,
never trust a big butt and a smile


I'm cranky and crampy. I have a deep desire to go hole up in my bedroom with a hot water bottle, the air conditioner on full blast and the entire season of Supernatural.

But alas, the children would probably destroy the house within the hour and bug me every five minutes so here I sit on the couch. As usual.

I need to get my ass in gear and start walking again. This sedentary shit is addicting and I'm afraid if I don't get out and start moving soon, you'll be reading a story one day about MY ass becoming fused to the couch.

You realize of course, we live in the dream world of agoraphobic people. If we didn't want to, we would never ever have to leave the house. Yesterday morning, I was seriously considering using Peapod to deliver our groceries. And that's the first time I called myself pathetic. Because honestly? If I can't get off my ass to go to the grocery store, I would offically hate ME. (I did, this morning. Alex and I hit the cheap-o place first and then the supermarket.)


You'd think I'd be getting lots and lots of fic written, right? I mean, cause I'm not working, dropping the kids off at school only takes about a half hour of my day everyday, so I have lots and lost of free time.

Dude. I am becoming a lazy asshole. And damn, it needs to change.

Starting tomorrow.
Tags: the state of bev

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