never trust a big butt and a smile (obeetaybee) wrote,
never trust a big butt and a smile

seating for Hell, party of one?

Oh man. I think I just had a crackalistic idea for a SPN/VM crossover.

It could work! Sam could be all..."I'm leaving for Stanford in the fall."

And Veronica could be..."OMG! Stanford is my dream school! Your parents must be so proud!"

And Sam could be all pensive and angsty with the whole..."Wah, Wah, Wah, My mom's dead, my dad and brother don't know yet, they won't be happy, I'm not going to tell them until it's time to leave." spiel.

And then after he angsts some more and Veronica tries to console him they end up making out like crazy.


We all know what Lilly and Dean would be doing in the back of the Impala, don't we, hmmm? And that's why Sam and Veronica are walking along the beach!!

Because man! Can you imagine the awkwardness of the windows fogging up while Sam and Veronica sit in the front seat and try to talk and they're both nervous and angsty????

I may just have to write it. After I finish my SPN/Silent Hill crossover fic and my angsty Dean/Sam what happened right after Jessica's death fic. Both claimed by me from spn_gleeweek

I love both of those prompts, and I think the little snippet I posted earlier this week can be molded into the SPN/Silent Hill crossover fic.

Yay! I love this fandom.

Also, I beat a path to the door of my cable provider this afternoon and picked up two DVR digital cable boxes. Season passes of Lost, Supernatural and Veronica Mars, here I come!!
Tags: supernatural squeeing!~ vm/spn

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