never trust a big butt and a smile (obeetaybee) wrote,
never trust a big butt and a smile

Ah, I love waking up from naps

in the afternoon.

My children are with their grandparents for the night, which mean uninterupted nap time for me.

Point being? I had a very nice dream about Dean and Sam Winchester. Mmmm...Dean.

So the plan for the rest of the day is a matinee of Talledega Nights. A lovely steak dinner afterwards at home and a six pack of Corona.

Mmmm...Dean. (I'm blaming the time of my month hormones. Shut up.)

Anyways, if you're not watching Supernatural, you're missing a whole boatload of pretty with a side of scruffy hotness. Seriously.

YouTube has every episode from Season One. Here's the episode guide. Search by Supernatural and episode name. (example Supernatural + pilot).

Join me. It's lonely in this here handbasket.

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