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Five Random Songs...

From me to you...these show up on my most played list quite a bit.

- Atta Girl, Bettie Seviert

Very much grrl power, but the hook is catchy and very easy to dance to.

- I'm Gonna Be Strong, Cyndi Lauper

Classic Cyndi and shows off her powerhouse vocals, which I think get lost in the whole girls just wnat to have fun and she bop thing.

- Every Little Bit, Patty Griffin

Oh, this song hurts. I can listen to this on repeat for hours. Patty is definitely a new obsession of mine.

- White Rabbit, Emiliana Torrini

I like Emiliana's raw vocals on this one much, much more than Grace Slick's

- You're Not From Here - Lara Fabian

Another powerhouse singer. I've had this cd since 2000 I think, I can't remember. I pull it out every once in awhile to remind me how crazy/beautiful Lara's voice is.


Edited to add: All songs are uploaded to sendspace. Let me know if you have trouble downloading and I'll upload to Yousendit.
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