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I have two hanks of Koigu yarn I won from an Ebay auction, eight balls of Debbie Bliss' Baby Cashmerino in dusty rose and off white and no patterns to use them with. I was thinking of doing a different type of checkered baby blanket with the cashmerino for a friend at work who's expecting, but I'm lacking the ambition to begin either project.

I was a bit disappointed with the koigu, the hanks seem so much smaller then I was expecting. I have no idea what to make with it, as I don't know if I'm ready to try socks (or any kind of knitting that requires DPN's) yet.

Anyway. I'm procrastinating.

I haven't had the chance to update lately. Our dog is pretty ill, we discovered last week he has a malignant tumor growing out of his side that attached itself to his rib cage. He had surgery this afternoon and the vet discovered there was something else going on in the interior side of his ribs, so he had to have two ribs removed as well as the tumor.

If you don't have pets, it's hard to understand why someone would pay a couple of thousand of dollars to have surgery done on their pet, but for us, it was an easy decision. He's a part of our family. We couldn't in good conscience allow the tumor to go untreated. We couldn't just let it grow larger and spread and eventually kill him.

He's an older dog, and when we adopted him four years ago the vet put his age at around seven. So it's a good possibility he's ten or older. I knew too, when adopting him we may only have him for a short time before he passed on, but four years with him isn't long enough. All he wants is for you to love him and sneak him cookies every once in awhile. (And maybe not yell at him too much when he loses his better judgement and gets into the garbage.)

So if you do that sort of thing, think good thoughts for an oversized yellow lab/mastiff mix named Brody currently recuperating from surgery in New Jersey. He'd give you a big slobbery kiss in return if he could.

Dumb dog.



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