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myspace stole my baby away

Access to livejournal while at work is gone. (Access to myspace is also gone.)

This makes me sad on one hand, because I like looking through my friends list a couple of times a day. But I must say, this will probably increase my on-the-job productivity by 100%.

I'm still struggling with my Bella-Narcissa-Snape-Voldemort story. I think my problem is how dark this story is shaping up to be and the fact I'm resisting taking myself and these characters to that place.

You'd think it would be easy to write bat-shit insane, right?

Anyway. It's not the characters fault, not by a long shot. They're willing to go, they want to go there. I'm the one digging my heels and resisting it. So what I need to do is determine if this story will leave me alone if I let it go.


I just had a thought, a brain fart if you will. Maybe the reason I'm having such a problem with it isn't because of the violence, because hell, I've written violence before. Maybe I'm having such a problem with it because I wrote seven fucking pages of outline on it.

Instead of taking that first sentence and running with it, I tried something different. And by doing that, I basically doomed my own story.

I need to pare it down. Strip it to the bare minimum. Make it stark, desolete. Have every single word, turn of phrase mean something. No filler.

Crap. This should be fun.


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