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the night wants to kiss you deep

How can I have five pages of outline completed on a story and not know how to begin?

Five pages. This is the first story (one-shot) I've outlined pretty much from start to end.

So why do I only have one sentence that's remained on the page for the last week and half?

Strange, how easily she became accustomed to the screaming.

That's it. There have been paragraphs that have come and gone after it, but why has the inspiration to go beyond that one sentence left me?

Is it me? Am I the only one who needs to have the stars aligned just perfectly right to have a story completely flow like water? Or is it normal to have something start and stop, start and stop and two weeks later after it's been beta read and posted do you go "oh my god. Why did I ever think I could write?"

There is something I'm missing here to start this story. The bones are there, the jist of it recorded. I just need a wisp of breath to come along and breathe life into it.

Eventually, it'll come, right?

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