never trust a big butt and a smile (obeetaybee) wrote,
never trust a big butt and a smile

i can't stay awake any longer

I'm getting tired in my old age. I remember even just a few months ago relishing the moment when Scott would go to bed and the kids would be asleep and I would be alone with Word open and a story rumbling around in my head. The stories are still there, but the yawns and the tearing eyes and the lack of ambition to write is KILLING me.

I've gotten busier at work these last few months, so I no longer have the time to commit to writing there and all time once I get home until 9 pm is kid time, so I can't write then. It's not fair that only an hour later, I'm yawning and trying to force my eyes to stay open.

I need to have 32 hour days.

I have every intention of finishing my blanketforts story using the remainder of the prompts before April 1st and the start of wellymuck. It doesn't even matter to me if the story has to continue on using wellymuck prompts, I just want to finish the winter prompts before summer comes.

Anyways. Yeah, the yawning. It sucks.

Goodnight, everyone. I'm going to bed.

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