never trust a big butt and a smile (obeetaybee) wrote,
never trust a big butt and a smile

FIC: Disheveled (Bellatrix/Rodolphus/Rabastan)

Title: Disheveled
Character(s): Bellatrix / Rodolphus / Rabastan
Prompt: disheveled
Rating: R
Word Count: 506
Summary: Wherein does the madness begin?
Author's Note/Warning:Written for 7spells, my claim is Bellatrix, Rodolphus and Rabastan. This is heavy on sexuality and pre-teen/teen children. Unbeta'd. If you find anything glaring, please let me know. *grin*


He finds her in the cellar, rummaging for something forgotten and knows in an instant she's waiting for him.

He watches her in the near darkness, long hair sliding on cobwebs, silky threads blending in the gloom. His brother sits on the wooden stairs before him, a black cane stolen from above across his knees.

Bella stops for a moment and straightens. Without a sound she knows and he can imagine the smile as it pulls at the corners of her lips. Is her tongue flicking along those red lips of hers? Rabastan stands and hands him the cane, turning wordlessly and climbing the stairs to the light above, shutting the door behind him.

Everything is forgotten as she glides toward him. Her dark clothing is disheveled, the bottom of her dress robes dusted with dirt. “One of these days,” she whispers as she snakes her arms around his neck, “I will have your brother use me without your interference.” She kisses him deeply, her mouth hot as it opens beneath him. All the blood rushes through his body to pool at the junction of his thighs. She bites his lip hard and he groans at the sudden sharp pain. He grasps her upper arms as she attempts to flick her tongue at him, wanting to taste the blood gathered there.

“They’re looking for you above, Bella.”

“Let them look. I’d much rather be here with you.” She smiles up at him as her restrained hand presses against his hardness. “Whatever will you do when I’m at school with you next year? Will you allow me to do this whenever I want?”

He kisses her again, silencing her taunting words. He drops the cane and twines his hands in her hair, bending her backwards over the trunk behind her. She spreads her legs for him eagerly, moaning against his mouth, pressing herself against him.

It has always been this way between them from the moment they met. She haunts him when he is alone, her dark eyes following him in the dark. He feels urges he never felt before whenever they’re together and she teases him mercilessly. Always, she claims to be in love with his brother, but it’s him she wraps her arms and legs around.

He wants to scar her some way, make her yearn for him the way he does her. He wants her to know she’ll be his one day, for always. Rabastan will never lie against her this way, if he has any say.

There will never be anyone else for him but before he can find the words, she thrusts against him once, twice, three times and she’s shuddering, eyes rolling up in the back of her head, hands already pushing him away.

Bella stands before him, smiling in that insolent way of hers, braiding her hair behind her. “Sorry about that,” she says with a smirk, looking at his groin. She brushes the dirt from her robes and leaves him alone and unsatisfied, knowing he’ll come back for more.

Tags: 7spells

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