never trust a big butt and a smile (obeetaybee) wrote,
never trust a big butt and a smile


I've been bit by the urge to participate in 7spells. I've chosen the Lestranges, and all three of them will participate in some way shape or form in my ficlets.

In case you missed it, my first contribution can be found here:

Lying on her stomach by the cellar door, she hums tunelessly, her pale and spindly fingers carelessly wrapping a tendril of hair around the ribs of a dead mouse.

I'll update my table as my prompts are chosen. I'm waffling between four in Set 2. Decisions, decisions.

7spells HP Fanfiction Challenge
Author: obeetaybee
Character/Pairing: The Lestranges(Bella/Rodolphus/Rabastan
1. in the room where women come and go
2. disheveled
3. copy prompt here
4. copy prompt here
5. copy prompt here
6. copy prompt here
7. copy prompt here
Progress: 2/7
Tags: 7spells

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