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brain dump

We're getting along here okay, I guess. As well as the situation will allow. Alex is actually lying beside me on the couch watching a Wiggles episode on the video now player and he's content for the moment. For the moment seems to be a relative term though, cause he can go perfectly happy to extremely pissed off and screaming and the top of his lungs at any moment, with absolutely no warning at all.

We know we can't blame him. It must suck greatly to be stuck in a half a body cast during the hottest days of the summer so far. We try and give him a lot of lee way, (at least I do, anyway - Scott doesn't have as much patience) but then again, all of his massive freak outs seem to revolve around me any way.

He wants to be held by me all the time and I have to be honest, it gets tiring. My left forearm is all torn up from his cast, because of course he was potty trained about a month ago and wanted absolutely nothing to do with diapers and pull ups. I have to pick him up and put him on the potty whenever he asks, which sometimes is four times in a row.

(A sad little story...when we were in the ambulance after he broke his leg and the paramedics were trying to get a line in his arm, he suddenly cried out he had to go potty. I was trying really hard to keep it together, so I told him to just go in his pants. He looked up at me and said he couldn't because he was wearing his big boy pants...)

I went to work today and picked up my computer. My office is being extremely generous in allowing me to work from home for however long it takes for Alex's leg to heal. It can be as soon as five weeks for the cast to come off or as long as eight weeks. Then afterwards, I'm sure we'll have physical therapy to deal with.

Right now he's sleeping with us in our bed, which is an improvement over the first two nights we were home. I had brought out his old crib mattress for him to lie on and I slept on an air mattress beside him. After the second night, my back was screaming everytime he awoke me in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. He's sleeping for longer stretches at night in our bed and I'm getting better sleep too.

Scott's off from work this week and this is also Ash's last full week of school. I hope it will be better once she's out of school full time, but I also have a feeling she may become more of a hinderance then a help. (She likes to antagonize him.)

Enough for now.

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