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FIC: scarves and hats

Title: scarves and hats
Rating: PG
Characters: Sirius, Remus and Peter
Disclaimer: They're not mine. I'm just here to play with them. Like Ken and well, Ken.
Wordcount: 935
Prompt: scarves and hats
Notes: Late fifth year, a spark of THE MAP. Comments would be loved.

Something’s the matter.

Remus looks up from his parchment, eyes tearing and stinging momentarily as Sirius shifts into focus. He’s spent too much time hunkered over this table attempting to revise his school work. “What?”

“Something’s wrong,” Sirius repeats as he throws down his scarf and hat and pulls out a chair across from Remus, falling into it gracefully as only Sirius can.

A flash of annoyance washes through Remus as he watches Sirius pull the strap of his bag up over his head, dropping it with a loud thump beside him. He unloads his books onto the table, on top of Remus’ own schoolwork.

“What are you doing?” Remus asks, not bothering to hide his irritation. “Get your stuff off of mine,” he pushes Sirius’ books away and then pauses for a moment, the smell of another missing in the crowded Common Room. “Where’s James?”

“That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you, wanker,” Sirius grumbles as he moves his books to the side of the table. He hates the way Moony gets when the full moon is approaching. “He was called out of Divination by McGonagall. I, of course was expecting to be called right after him, so I packed up all of my books and waited. And then I waited. You know I have no patience. I don’t like to wait for anything. I was never called to Dumbledore’s office, Moony. Something’s wrong. I always get called to Dumbledore’s office with James.”

Remus throws down his quill and leans back in his chair. “You’re right, that. You have zero patience. Where’s Peter?”

“Detention, remember?”

Sirius sticks the side of his thumb in his mouth and starts worrying the skin around his nail. He looks behind him at the other students lounging in the Common Room, talking around the appendage in his mouth. “You don’t think he’s been expelled do you? I mean the dung bombs were my idea, not his.”

Remus arches his eyebrow and folds his arms over his chest. “I think we would have heard something by now if that had happened. Hogwarts gossip travels quicker then aero planes.”

Sirius scrunches up his nose and pops the thumb from his mouth. “Aero what?”

“Nothing. Get your fingers away from your mouth before you make yourself bleed.”

“A bit pissy today, aren’t you Moony?”

Remus squeezes his eyes closed and forces himself to count to ten. When he opens them, Sirius is still biting on his cuticles and even as he watches, tears a tiny sliver of skin away and spits it to the floor. The sight of it makes Remus…hungry.

“If you’re so worried about James, why don’t you go ask McGonagall where he is?” Remus’ tone is sharper then he intended and the now bleeding thumb comes down slowly from Sirius’s mouth.

Sirius looks at him for a moment and against his better judgment, Remus feels his eyebrow rise in what would definitely be seen as a sarcastic question.

“Fine, Moony. I’ll do that. Here I thought you’d be worried about James’ disappearance like me. I should’ve known it was your time of the month. So sorry.”

The chair Sirius is sitting in tumbles backwards as he gets up. “Pads…” Remus begins, but Sirius gives him a two finger salute and without a second glance walks through portrait hole.

Sirius’ grumbling under his breath as he moves through the hallways, stopping every now and again to ask a passing Gryffindor if they’ve seen James. At each negative response, he’s growing more and more uneasy.

“Peter!” he shouts as he spots his friend coming up from the dungeons. “Come help me search for our wayward friend, James!”

“Can’t. Slughorn’s given me a foot long essay to complete on top of detention. As if it’s my fault the stupid potion exploded in his face,” Peter says, as he stops beside Sirius, who throws an easy arm over his shoulders.

Sirius turns Peter away from the marble staircase and says, “of course we all know it wasn’t your fault the potion exploded. I’m almost positive Snape tucked something it in when you weren’t aware,” he stops alongside of a knight in armor and leans into Peter. “Something’s the matter with James. Help me find him.”

Peter pulls back, alarmed. “What? How do you know?”

“Because I’m his best friend, I know these things, anyhow, right now isn’t the best time to head up to the Common Room.”

“Why ever not?”

“Because you’ll be wanting Moony to do your essay and Moony is at this very moment preparing for his monthly friend.”

Peter groans and pulls a face. “Is he being horrible?” At Sirius’s grave nod, he looks at the ground and mumbles, “bollocks.”

“So you’ll help me find James?”

“Of course. Where should we look first?”

“That’s my good man, Pete, Petey, Peter. I was on my way to McGonagall’s office when I spotted you. Let’s try there first, shall we?”

“You know what we could use right now?” Peter says as they wind their way through the throng of students coming down the marble staircase on their way to the Great Hall. “A map! A map that would tell us where James is!”

Sirius stops dead in his tracks, causing a pair of first year girls to collide with his backside. He turns and looks at them absently, his long fingers on their shoulders as he guides them around him. “A map?” He slowly tilts his head to the side as his eyes start to glaze over. “That would be brilliant. Sometimes Peter, I think we underestimate you.”

Again, if the icon is yours, let me know and I'll credit. It's much too good not to praise it's creator.

Tags: ficlet, remus and sirius, scarves and hats

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