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am not in a good mood...

Oh no, I'm not.

Today is my tenth wedding anniversary and last night my laptop took a crap.

Which one do you think has been on my mind most of the day?

If you said the laptop, you'd be correct.

Stupid computer. When I turned it on last night, it booted up okay, but I wasn't able to connect to the internet, even though I had four green bars on the wireless connection do-hickie on the bottom.


Opera...yeah, I'll open for you, but I'm going to take you to a page you last visited on September 29th.

Internet Explorer...yeah, right.

So, I shut it down, thought it was doing something while it was shutting down, but can not for the life of me remember tell you what the message was or what it said.

When I turned it back on...boot menu, Dell logo and screen.

Fuck me.

There was some message at the top, something about a hive and a system error or something, but I had such a headache and was so freaking tired, I just shut it back down with all attempts and purposes to dick with it this weekend.

Still. I can't believe how freaking naive I've been with the whole not backing up my files thing.

If my c drive is wiped, I'm so fucked. Luckily most of my writing is back up on the web or on my work computer, I have over 3000 mp3's stored on that laptop. The idea of trying to rebuild my music directory is just killing me here.


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