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one you're saving for a rainy day

one you're saving for a rainy day
1700 words
last call and then he’s slamming her against the wall outside of the bar, kissing her hard.

So, there's this Women of Supernatural Kink Meme. I filled a Girl!Sam/Dean - Het anal.anal, and she likes it. prompt.

Title from Three Wishes, The Pierces

one you're saving for a rainy day

She’s going to be the absolute fucking death of him.

He’s forgotten how horny she gets when she drinks Jagermeister and she’s about four or five shots in, each time slamming an empty glass upside down on the bar, giving high fives to the men buying her round after round. He wonders if she was like this at Stanford, if she’s done this before, teasing men to buy her drinks. Clenching his jaw, he ignores his reflection in the mirror behind the bar, eyes only on hers.

So he drinks his beer and stews, tapping his ring against the glass, so fucking jealous of her easy smiles for each man in the joint. He’s finally got her in the shotgun seat after four never-ending years apart and she’s flirting with everyone else but him. Dean knows every one of them thinks they got a chance at taking her out to the parking lot or home, thinking about their cocks buried deep inside, her lips wrapped around their dick, heavy balls slapping against her ass.

Violence churns in his belly until she settles on the bar stool beside him, drunk teasing and touching him mercilessly until he’s rock hard and ready to bend her over the pool table and fuck her senseless.

Last call and then he’s slamming her against the wall outside of the bar, kissing her hard, grabbing her hair and grinding himself against her jean-covered pussy, not caring who sees.

“Back to the room,” she moans against his neck, her fingers in his mouth. “Wanna give you something good.”

It takes too damn long to get back to the motel, her mouth on his skin the whole way, her fingers unbuttoning his fly and grasping his cock, teasing. Finally, he’s got her naked, her pussy writhing beneath him, the heels of her bare feet digging into the mattress. Hands cover his head, her long fingers rustling through the short, dark hair, pushing his mouth down, down past the wet curls covering her pussy to her soft, tiny asshole. “Please,” she gasps, hitching a leg behind his back, raising her body off the mattress, seeking his tongue, wanting him there.

“Sam,” he groans against her skin, the moan escaping her mouth at his breath on her ass almost making him come against the sheets. Pushing him off, she sits up, her eyes hot with desire. She kisses him hard, tongue swirling into his mouth, licking the taste of herself off his skin. Dean takes her tits in his hands and squeezes, tweaking the nipples between his fingers. Breaking away, she rolls onto her stomach, pushing a pillow beneath her, spreading herself before him.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” he groans, falling against her back, kissing her neck and down the length of her spine.

Shivering, she wiggles her ass against him, slotting his cock into the cleft between her cheeks. She rides him slowly, her open mouth moaning against the pillowcase when his cock slides into her wet, wet pussy. “You won’t,” she breathes, her breath hitching, his hands against her hip, fucking her in long, hard strokes. “Want this.”

Dean groans, thrusting deep before pulling his cock from her. He kisses her skin, his fingers tracing the curve of her ass, spreading her open. Dipping two fingers into her pussy for lubrication, he slowly traces a ring around her hole, smiling at the way her body trembles beneath him. Knowing how good it feels, Dean leans forward and stabs his tongue into her ass. She nearly comes off the bed, crying out in pleasure, her hands spreading her cheeks, giving him better access.

“Oh, God,” she breathes, pushing her body back against his tongue. “Yes, fuck my ass, baby.”

His cock bobs in response, a flood of pre-come dripping against his skin. He’s rock-fucking hard, his mind a whirl of sensation, wrapped up in pleasuring only her, her sweat sweet on his tongue, breathing in the smell of her pussy, the scent he likes to sniff on his fingers the next morning. Moving his mouth away, he wets a finger in her pussy and slowly, so fucking slowly dips it in and out of her ass, getting her used to the feel of him, teasing the ring of muscle around his finger with his tongue. He’s one knuckle in when she moans, “More,” surprising him.

Pressing another finger into her rear, he thumbs her clit, sliding his other fingers against the folds of her pussy, watching her face in the pale glow of a silent informercial. She’s so fucking beautiful spread open like this and he wants in, wants to feel his cock deep in her ass, fuck her open and hard, spurt his come deep into her, for the first time able to do so without worrying about pregnancy.

Sam pants his name, pushing back on his fingers, up on her hands, fucking him deeper into her ass. “Get something for lube. I want your cock in my ass.”

“I don’t have anything.” Holy fucking shit. Two sentences from her mouth and he’s grasping himself hard at the root, thinking baseball, granny panties, Spongebob Squarepants, anything, anything at all to keep himself from shooting his load onto the mattress.

“K-Y. My bag in the bathroom,” she orders. “Get it now, Dean.”

He pulls his fingers out, her body trembling with need and loss. “Hurry,” she says and he fumbles off the bed, tripping over a boot, stumbling into the bathroom and knocking everything off the sink onto the floor. He finds the lube and rushes out, stopping at the edge of the mattress.

Sam’s flipped back over, leaning back against the headboard, her hair tousled and thrown over to the side, a long curl against her naked breast and she’s the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen in his life.

Eyes half-closed, she gracefully crawls towards him on all fours. Opening her mouth, she catches his cock on her tongue, sucking the head between her lips, staring up at him with those fucking gorgeous eyes of hers. She smiles around his erection, humming and sucking him deep into her throat, the swirl of her tongue on the underside of his cock sending waves of pleasure shooting through him.

“Just checking the goods,” she whispers, turning around and presenting herself to him again.

Squeezing some lotion into his hand, he rubs his fingers through it, warming it for her. Slowly, he enters her again with his fingers, loving how open she is for him, how trusting, how pliant. With his other hand, he slowly jerks himself off, not caring she must have been planning this forever, must’ve done this before, can’t think of any other reason she’d have a tube of K-Y stashed, not thinking about anything else but replacing his fingers with the tip of his cock.

Slowly, so fucking slowly, he pushes forward, pausing when she tightens up around him. “Go slow,” she whispers, her fingers clenching the sheet beneath her.

“If I hurt you, just say so baby. I’ll stop,” he says, stroking her hip.

Pushing her forehead against the mattress, she breathes, “You’re not. Hurting me. Feels so good, God, Dean. Wanted you in my ass forever.”

His breath hisses out, another jolt of pleasure shooting through his dick. She’s gonna make him come even before he can bury himself in her. She pushes out, can feel her opening around him and sinks into her another inch or two. Her muscles stretch around him and he thrusts in and out in small degrees, kissing her skin where ever his lips can reach. Finally, he’s buried in her ass to the hilt, his fingers stilling on her hips.

“Don’t move,” he whispers, “I need a moment.” Her muscles clench around his cock and he groans; so close to breaking.

She breathes, her long hair covering her face. Gently, he pushes it aside, needing to see her, making sure this is still what she wants. “Feels so different from your fingers. Feels so much better, I’m so full. God Dean, you’re in my ass. Your cock is in my ass and it feels so fucking good.”

Finally, he rocks against her, the strokes of in and out of her ass slowly increasing. Pushing one hand off the mattress, she reaches under her, fingers seeking and finding her soaked clit. She rubs furiously, crying out against the sheets and Dean bucks against her, his mouth sucking along her neck, finding her mouth and kissing her deep.

“Yeah, baby,” he whispers, thrusting deep. “You like having my cock in your ass? You’re my dirty girl, aren’t you?” He pulls back her hair and grabs it, and she cries out in pleasure.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she pants. “Pull my hair and fuck me. Been thinking about having your cock shoved up my ass all night.”

Dean’s close, can feel pressure building inside but refusing to come until she does. He reaches around her body and pushes two fingers deep in her cunt and that does it, she comes so fucking hard, crying out, her voice filling the small motel room. The vibrations of her orgasm wrenches his own from him and he falls forward, desperate to keep his weight off her back, his cock surrounded by her convulsing hot flesh, intense lights firing behind his closed eyes.

“I can feel your come filling my ass,” she whispers. “You feel so good, Dean.”

“Holy shit, Sammy,” he cries, collapsing on top of her.

They lay forever, catching their breaths, sweat cooling on their skin. Finally, he pulls out and she whimpers. “I’m not hurting you am I?” he asks, concerned.

She shakes her head and kisses his shoulder. “No, I miss you in me.”

Amazingly, his cock twitches, almost, but not quite ready for round two. “Don’t you ever leave me again,” he barely breathes, instantly wishing he could take the words back when she stiffens beside him.

Reaching up, she kisses him under his jaw, teeth scraping along his stubble, slowly moving up to his mouth. Kissing him gently, she whispers, “I love you, too. Jerk.”

Tags: girl!sam, girl!sam/dean, spn, supernatural, wincest, winsister

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