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swan song

I mean...IS CHUCK GOD?? (To be honest, when the show started I had a thought that the Impala was God. I'm kinda glad it didn't go that way.)

I'm just a flail-y mess over here. I know part of it is I'm a PMS-y emotional wreck, but seeing Dean with Lisa and Ben at the end? Totally broke my heart a little bit because you can tell Dean's trying, trying so fucking hard but he's failing without Sammy. How is that peace for him? He'll never be at peace without Sam in his life. He'll always feel like there's something missing and I don't think he'll ever find true happiness without Sam. But he'll try, because he PROMISED and then one day Lisa will wake up and he'll be gone because the apple pie life ain't for him.

And then Sammy staring at him through the glass??

How am I supposed to make it to September? What if this had been the last episode EVER? This made me realize I NEED Sam and Dean walking off into the sunset. I NEED TO KNOW THEY'LL BE TOGETHER FOREVER. My heart is just absolutely breaking at them being separated. (See, I TOLD you I'm a whiny PMS-y freak right now.)

My chest is all tight and squirmy and I need to try and formulate my thoughts better on this.

Or watch it again.

What about the loss of Dean's BATMAN voice when he stood outside of Lisa's door? How freaking awesomely vulnerable was that??

And I still have the Vampire Diaries and Bones season finales to watch! And I have to get caught up on House in time for Monday's season finale and and and...I think I need to go rewatch Swan Song again.
Tags: episode reaction, spn, supernatural
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