never trust a big butt and a smile (obeetaybee) wrote,
never trust a big butt and a smile

SPN - The REAL Ghostbusters


Asylum previously!! (Asylum is the episode that got me hooked. It's special in my heart) Ahhh!!! Their little young faces!

Action!Dean is action-y! Run Dean, RUN!

IMPALAS!! It's car porn!

SEE WHAT!! I gotta agree with Becky. I love when they talk at the same time, too.

Three minutes in and my mouth already hurts from smiling so widely.


I think Becky's starting to grow on me. What are the chances that's vodka in those water bottles?

Oh, screw that. I think I love Becky. A lot. Becky/Chuck! FTW!!

Wait, all I need to do is scream and Sam and Dean come running?? *takes a deep breath*

I love this show so, so, much. Please let those be purple nurples Dean's drinking.

Yeah! EMF meter! It's about time they bring out the old equipment.

God, I love Sammy in plaid. I'm becoming such a Sam!girl, it's not even funny.

Holy, fuck! Creepy scalped kid!! Stuff of NIGHTMARES!

I love all protective Dean. And pull the gun out on the LARP'ers Dean. I love out of his element Dean. God, I love Dean.

I forgot how much I missed the salt and burn jobs.

Locked doors and windows!

Oh, crap! I hate creepy homicidal children. At least they're boys this time.

Chuck's pretty awesome.

I really wish I could just pause my television on Sam and Dean's faces for hours


Poor, little hooters waitress. I hope she doesn't get killed.

I really love Katie Cassidy. She's so pretty.

Dig, LARP'ers DIG!

Oh, favorite Sammy is Sammy swinging a fire poker.

BECKY! CHUCK! Forceful Chuck is forceful.

I hate commercials.

I really, really don't want this to be the last season. How much longer til we find out?

Oh, poor Dean. He goes out on a limb and they laugh at him.

Wake up every morning and save the world, have a brother who'd die for you. Who'd wouldn't want that?

Howdy Partners. \o/ DEAN'S FACE!!

Bella lied! Crowley has the colt!

Dean's totally thinking about Wincest when Sam comes up on him leaning on the car. You can see it on his face. I DON'T WANT TO HEAR DIFFERENTLY. *lalalalalalallalalalalalla*

I can't believe there's fucking Christmas commercials on my tv. I'm NOT READY.

Every week, this show just continues to get better. I can't wait for next week.

Coming attractions:

Oh, Dean kissing Jo. She's totally a goner.

Edited: There's spoilers for the coming attractions in the post and also the comments. Enter at own risk if wish to remain TOTALLY spoiler-free.

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