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supernatural master fic list


10 - i used to know you so well - girl!sam/dean, girl!sam/sam, sam/dean - 33,250 words - "--there's a dead girl on your porch."

9 - promise not to stop when i say when - sam/girl!sam - 2000 words - adult - his sorrow's not so bitter he can't taste hers, sour on his tongue

8 - brown ink on the back of yellowing photographs - girl!sam/dean - adult - 2500 words - it's like trying to slap a new coat of paint on a house that's crumbling and decaying underneath, ugly and sad and broken.

7 - ghosts of the past sleep lightly - girl!sam/dean, girl!sam/boy!jess - 6500 words - adult - she’s under his skin, in his blood, the air he breathes

6 - stale taste of recycled air - girl!sam/dean - 6200 words - adult - dean’s a grease, gun oil and irish spring smelling drug, lulling her into euphoria and she’s so ready to taste the kool-aid

5 - even if the sky is falling down - girl!sam/dean - 4950 words - adult - he grabs her upper arm, pulling her across the seat, shaking her hard enough to snap her teeth together. “The fuck’s the matter with you, Sam?”

4 - murder now the path called must we - girl!sam/dean - 3000 words - adult - Louie, the neighbor, dead on the floor. Louie sitting outside all day, smoking cigarettes and drinking from a paper bag, watching them come and go; playing nice day after day, trying to make friends.

3 - before the sky darkens - girl!sam/dean - 8850 words - adult - he likes to watch her when she's unaware

2 - it's sweet the taste this bit of love - girl!sam/dean - adult - 1000 words - “You start bleeding yet, little girl?” He taunts, fitting a foot to her ass and kicking her back down on her face. “You tell me when you start and then we got a reason to take you with us on hunts,” Dean grabs her hair and yanks her head back, his breath sour on her cheek. “We need bait, french fry.”

1 - crossroads - girl!sam/dean, sam & dean - 3800 words - adult - either way I’m going to die tonight, aren’t i?


promise not to stop when i say when - sam/girl!sam - 2000 words - adult - his sorrow's not so bitter he can't taste hers, sour on his tongue

i used to know you so well - girl!sam/dean, girl!sam/sam, sam/dean - 33,250 words - "--there's a dead girl on your porch."


heartache at the setting of the sun - sam/dean - 950 words - adult - so, i’m guessing you’re the reason we’ve got forty-seven cans of pie filling

scars and dust and dreaming - dean/ofc, sam/dean - 225 words - adult - beating blood will pound in his ears and hands numb, he’ll fumble with buttons while chapped lips scrape against day old stubble

goodbye blue sky - sam/dean - 1400 words - adult - dean sighs and mumbles something about chicks with dicks before dropping his head back onto the mattress and staring at the moldy ceiling. “living without you was never in the equation, sam.”

darkness fall unto me - sam/dean - 4700 words - adult - sam’s running on pure adrenaline now, too hyped to sleep, afraid to look at the clock, knowing every minute is bringing him one step closer to losing dean forever.

sound of pulling heaven down - sam/dean - 200 words - adult - you kill me. every fucking time you raise your eyes to mine, i’m drowning


red bells - sam, dean, john - 2500 words - pg - John flashed a dangerous smile. “Much obliged for your help, ma’am. But if you don’t mind, I’ll be keeping a hand on my son.”

slipping into twilight - sam, dean, charlie, kat - 3250 words - adult - "you dug up his corpse and then salted and burned his body. how can I not see the parallels between last night and what happened the night you were arrested for murder?"

when i'm lost as i have roamed - sam, dean - 650 words - pg - sometime later, he thought he heard Sam’s voice in the darkness, but it wasn’t enough to pull him from his stupor and then a wind came and carried it off

would you rather? - sam, dean - 300 words - pg - “Aw, come on Sam. I’m bored.”

the burying point - sam, dean - 2800 words - pg - “Give me back my brother, bitch.”

no little kisses goodbye - jessica - 1500 words - pg - Instantly, she sees everything, Sam, his brother, their father and Mary, oh God – Mary, and she knows she’ll never hear his heart beat against hers again.


in the silvery days of silence they go - john/mary - 1500 words - pg - he thinks of body bags and body counts; about the sounds and smells of the jungle, moisture plopping on the ground from the constant rain.

aftermath - dean/ofc - 2000 words - adult - “This is what you do, right? All the time? Things like this, you and Sam?”


dream a little dream - jared/jensen - 500 words - adult - i wish i was coming all over him


blood thirsty freaks - gen - 100 words - pg - Sam stared down as the infected slowly crawled through the empty warehouse

ghouls gone wild - gen - 100 words - pg - they leave him in darkness

rain - sam/dean - 100 words - pg - but how could he beg for something his brother could never give?

ten million miles - john/mary - 100 words - pg - down the rows of dead she walked, the frost beneath her feet whispering as she moved through the morning fog

never again - sam/dean - 100 words - pg - dean stalked his prey

send the ghosts on their way - dean - 100 words - pg - he’ll salt them and light the match, dropping the flame on their bones and watch them burn while he lives someone else’s tomorrow

- sam - 100 words - pg - so somewhere along the line i stopped being your father. And i became your drill sergeant


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