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Oh, Christ. Castiel did it all for Dean! I think I hear the collective thud of all Dean/Castiel shippers fainting across fandom.

AHHH!! Dean's amulet detects GOD! Oh, crap! Where'd the hell Sam get that thing?
Now he feels naked? I wish he were naked. Ahem.

Wow, there's actually mountains in River's Pass. Nice CGI, SPN team.

Well, at least the car will be safe.

SPIRIT IN THE SKY!! I love this song.

Sammy looks like he's trying so hard to make it up to everyone.

Of course the radio's playing in a running car!

That is a cherry mustang, Dean.

Why's it always Dean that gets holy water splashed in his face?

Of course there's a pregnant woman!

Jo and Ellen HUNTING??? Ahhh!!! I want lots and lots of Jo and Ellen hunting stories!

Poor Ellen left behind.

Can they do it like professionals? I don't know, but I'd sure like to see them try!

Knife is a hell of a lot faster than exorcism, wonder why he even tried.

No! SAMMY!! No blood! It isn't what it looks like Dean! Honest!

I went food shopping today and forgot to buy cookies or ice cream or anything sweet. Sucks.

If a pregnant woman becomes possessed, does her fetus also?

Oh my God. Did Dean actually ask Sam what's wrong? Is this the kinder, gentler Supernatural? Are these boys actually talking about their feelings?

Holy crap! Can Sam slam Dean against the wall like that again? It was really hot. *fans self*

Oh, there's tension between those two, damn skippy. But as if a girl could come between those two!

Wouldn't it be really kinda interesting if Meg possessed Jo? I think that'd be awesome.

I really want to see Jennifer's Body this weekend. Maybe my parents will babysit. Hmmm.

Gah. I hate commercials.

Okay, weird. Who do they think Sam is? Still possessed?

How can she walk in there, face Dean and just shake her head at him? Like he'll accept that?
Holy fuck, he is! I don't like that.

He's under a devil's trap? They think he's demon? He thinks they're demons? Oh my GOD!

Okay, I get now why there's all that Dean/Ellen written out there. They've got chemistry like whoa.

Falling angel! Castiel?


I really wish war was a hot woman with long red hair. Because redheads are HOT, ya'll.

Although, once he took the glasses off and changed his demeanor? Holy hot.

I'm beginning to think I'm a little sex-deprived because everyone is hot. TMI? Oh, sorry.

Oh my GOD, ZOMBIELAND!! Scott's sitting next to me on the couch as he just asked 'what exactly is the story on that movie?'

WHO CARES!! It's got ZOMBIES!! \o/

Why's it so hot to watch a girl pump a shotgun?

Holy fuck, If they kill ELLEN?

AH!! They cut off his finger!! At least they did it together!

Okay, so now will the ring come into play at some point this season?


Boys at a picnic table!! Such a pretty background. I want lots and lots of icons of that scene. More honesty!

Oh, no. Sam wanted him to beg him to stay. Dean's willing to give up the Imapala? Holy fuck, you know? Who's he leaving with? Is that Bobby in that shiny truck? I can't tell.

Another pretty icon shot, right there at the end.

Oh, man. Does Lucifer come to Sam as Jessica? Hurts!!!

I want to see more of JO AND ELLEN!!


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