never trust a big butt and a smile (obeetaybee) wrote,
never trust a big butt and a smile


Seen all over my friends list:

List the first lines of your last twenty stories. See if you find any patterns.

1. The key scrapes in the lock as Sam hurries to fold the letter in her hands and tuck it into her back pocket.

2. Dean fucks her the only way he can stand, ass spread before him, panties pushed to the side, hand twisting in her hair, neck exposed and vulnerable to his teeth.

3. One hour to go and Sam’s eyes are burning with lack of sleep and adrenaline.

4. He waits in the dark for Dean to come home.

5. “Tell me about the night of September 24th.”

6. He likes to watch her when she’s unaware.

7. The campus stretched out in front of him, the divided roads a maze he knew he would never master.

8. “Aw, come on Sam. I’m bored.”

9. “Couldn’t sleep?” Dean asked from the doorway.

10. Daybreak brought cleared throats and shy glances.

11. Tomorrow, they’d stop for sure.

12. Run. Faster.

13. He watched her from the bar, hand curled around a bottle of beer, sweat beads rolling down the glass and pooling in the groove of his fingers.

14. Strange, how easily she grows accustomed to the screaming.

15. “Either way I’m going to die tonight, aren’t I?”

16. She presses her face to the wooden door as it closes behind him.

17. He lies in bed bathed in pale moonlight, listening to the clock tick beside him.

18. “Whoa,” he says quickly sitting up on the couch, shaking his head.

19. Earlier tonight, a bullet went straight for his brother’s jugular vein.

20. He’ll watch them filing from the church across the street, so cold the air is silver, their arms wound tightly around red leather bibles.

I like short sentence entrances to my stories, it appears. I also seem to enjoy starting them with either he or she. Also, I seem to enjoy to go straight for the jugular with my characters.

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