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stale taste of recycled air - the music

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o1. losing sleep - charlotte sometimes
I’m awake and I’ve been losing sleep.
I’ve been fighting all my demons,
I’ve been getting weak cause I’ve been
Trying, trying, trying to be
Anything other than me

Okay, so maybe Sam thought it was going to be sunshine and roses with some kittens and rainbows thrown in once she got the acceptance letter.

o2. daydreamer - adele
Daydreamer, with eyes that make you melt
He lends his coat for shelter because he’s there for you when he shouldn’t be
But he stays all the same, waits for you and then sees you through
There’s no way I could describe him
All I say is, just what I’m hoping for

He flashes a wide grin at her before sitting back down. “Can’t help it if I’m that good.”

o3. paint it black - the rolling stones
I see the girls walk by dressed in their summer clothes
I have to turn my head until my darkness goes
I see a line of cars and they're all painted black
With flowers and my love both never to come back
I see people turn their heads and quickly look away

And then the strangely haunting and familiar sitar riff of Paint it Black plays from the cell phone beside Dean’s plate.

o4. hazy - rosi golan featuring william fitzsimmons
What if I fall and hurt myself?
Would you know how to fix me
What if I went and lost myself?
Would you know where to find me
If I forgot who I am,
Would you please remind me oh?
Cause without you things go hazy

She takes a deep breath and barely keeps the sarcasm from her voice when she says, “Dad wants me to stay. Sure he does.”

o5. woman king - iron & wine
hundred years, hundred more
someday we may see a
woman king, sword in hand
swing at some evil and bleed

Who the fuck does she think she is? Sylvia fucking Brown? What the hell does she think she’s going to do, open a stairway to heaven? Send the little girl into the light?

o6. thirst for romance - cherry ghost
I still thirst for romance, I still thirst for romance
and the sand between my toes
darling I, I seen demons dancing, I seen demons dancing
across factory floors

His mouth seeks hers, his lips surprisingly gentle as his tongue traces along her full bottom lip, shocking her with the depth of excitement that courses through her veins.

o7. cold as it gets - patty griffin
I know a cold as cold as it gets
I know a darkness that's darker than cold
A wind that blows as cold as it gets
Blew out the light of my soul
Blew out the light of my soul

“Girl, you watch your mouth when you’re talking to me.”

Sam snorts and shakes her head, a small smile playing along her mouth. “Yeah, cause you’ve always been so respectful of me. Father of the freaking year.”

o8. it doesn't matter - allison krauss
It doesn't matter what I want
It doesn't matter what I need
If you've made up your mind to go
I won't beg you to stay
You've been in a cage
Throw you to the wind you fly away

“I got a full scholarship to a college. Stanford, in California. I just…just wanted to tell you. Before-” her voice trails off. “Dean, are you still awake?”

o9. three wishes - the pierces
You say you want to know her like a lover
And undo her damage, she’ll be new again
Soon you’ll find that if you try to save her
It will lose her anger
You will never win

He’s determined to ignore the ache he feels coursing through his body straight to his groin.

Until she whispers his name.

10. untitled - patty griffin
I said to my love
You don't give me no smile
You give me nothing but dust
all of these miles after miles

I said to my love
I'm nothing I know
But where in this world is
a poor woman to go

They’re silent for most of the way back to Missouri.

She still hasn’t told him she’s leaving and he refuses to tell her he already knows.


11. call me on your way back home - ryan adams
But you love me and I love you
Call me on your way back home dear
Cause I miss you
And I just wanna die without you
Oh I just wanna die without you
Yeah I just wanna die without you

full zip

photograph by Daniel Charles

Tags: fic mix, stale taste of recycled air

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