never trust a big butt and a smile (obeetaybee) wrote,
never trust a big butt and a smile

so silent and peaceful in the darkness where we fell

I made my very first header last night, and didn't go to bed until four am so I could finish it. I'm not really sure I like how it looks with Flexible Squares, so if I can figure out something with Bloggish sometime soon, it may change.

Check it out at obeetaybee and let me know what you think.

Cap of Sam and Dean hugging from naanima, lyrics from Foregiveness by Patty Griffin. Layout template by sparklpocalypse.


Disconnected from fandom is not something I wish to do to myself again. I don't even know how to write any more. I tried the other night and it took me two hours to write 100 words. My writing muscles have atrophied in my absence. So instead, I've decided to immerse myself in fanfiction until the mojo comes flying back into my fingertips.


Also. You must run. Not walk. RUN to goldenseal's livejournal and listen to and/or download her song "The Gun". Written after viewing Season 2 of Supernatural, I think it hits the nail on the head of why that season killed us all dead.

Sample lyrics:

the two of us
driving down an old country road
in a big black car
in the middle of the night

i'm haunted
you're hunted
and we bed down in strange motel rooms
and you whisper
it'll all be alright

well i'm stuck here
with a gun in my hand
shooting at ghosts who don't understand
your name on my lips and a knife in your back

you hold me
but we don't touch
we haven't since the day you came back
with a handprint on your heart
that didn't match mine

Beautiful, sparse writing with a haunting melody and gorgeous singing voice.


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