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fic:(spn): useless desires - drabble

useless desires
drabble - 100 words
Gen - rated PG
100_ghosts prompt: envy

“Seems like a nice town,” Dean says.


"You wanna haul ass out of here?”

The tree branches above them shift, brittle leaves whispering to the wind. “Get the car gassed up and come back for me.”

“All right, whatever,” Dean stands, his knees cracking like glass shattering.

It comes unbidden, bubbling up in his chest as Sam watches the kids playing baseball beyond the fence.

This is what he thought he could have.

Dinner on the table, hands folded for grace before eating, Jessica with a baby on her hip.

Sometimes he has trouble remembering what she looked like.

Tags: drabble, obeetaybee, sam winchester, supernatural
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