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fic(spn): ghouls gone wild - drabble

Ghouls Gone Wild
drabble - 100 words
Gen - rated R - for horror
100_ghosts prompt: gluttony

They leave him in darkness.

They swarm and feed across the graveyard, mouths stained with blood and gore as they fall upon each other when fresh meat becomes scarce.

They leave him to die.

Meat needs a certain tang only decomposition can bring.

He prays; trembling fingers sprawled over the gushing wounds on his wrist, his belly. Want, need Dean.

They wait for this one, teeth gnashing and salivating at the smell of his flesh slowly dying.

Too bad they underestimate the other.

Gasoline, a struck match and then flames shoot towards the heavens as inhuman screams fill the air.

Tags: drabble, obeetaybee, spn

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